• dry thermostat
  • DH200-4
  • Control temperature range: Room temperature +5℃~120℃ Four-module thermostat
  • DH200-4
  • dry thermostat
  • Control temperature range: Room temperature +5℃~120℃ Four-module thermostat
DH200-4 is a high-temperature dry thermostat controlled by a microcomputer. It uses high-purity aluminum material as a heat-conducting medium to replace traditional water bath devices. It has the characteristics of convenient use, large temperature control range, and high precision. It can be widely used for sample preservation and reaction, pre-denaturation of DNA amplification and electrophoresis, and serum coagulation. It adopts a two-stage redundant hardware circuit design, combined with a unique intelligent software algorithm, to achieve high temperature control accuracy, stable and reliable operation.
Product Features
◆ Real-time temperature display and countdown display;
◆ Automatic fault detection and buzzer alarm function;
◆ Temperature deviation calibration function;
◆ Convenient module replacement for easy cleaning and disinfection;
◆ Built-in over-temperature protection device;
◆ Two-stage redundant hardware circuit design for more reliable use;

Technical Parameters  
Model: DH200-4
Temperature Control Range: room temperature +5℃~120℃
Temperature Control Accuracy: ±0.5℃(@40℃);
Heating Time: ≤20min (25℃ to 120℃)
Temperature Uniformity: ±0.5℃
Display Accuracy: 0.1℃
Number of Modules: 2~4
Timing Range: 1-99h59min/∞
Power Supply Voltage: AC220V/60HZ
Maximum Power: 600W
Product Size: 360*220*100 mm
Product Weight: 8.0 kg

Module Model Selection      
Model Test tube diameter Number of test tubes Module size
DT01 6mm 42 95.5×76.5×50
DT02 7mm 42 95.5×76.5×50
DT03 10mm 20 95.5×76.5×50
DT04 12mm 24 95.5×76.5×50
DT05 13mm 20 95.5×76.5×50
DT06 15mm 12 95.5×76.5×50
DT07 16mm 12 95.5×76.5×50
DT08 19mm 12 95.5×76.5×50
DT09 20mm 6 95.5×76.5×50
DT10 26mm 6 95.5×76.5×50
DT11 28mm 4 95.5×76.5×50
DT12 40mm 4 95.5×76.5×50
DT13 0.5ml 48 95.5×76.5×50
DT14 1.5ml 24 95.5×76.5×50
DT15 2.0ml 24 95.5×76.5×50
DT16 0.2ml 48 78×114×26
DT17 Flat 96-well ELISA plate 81×123×19
DT18 Customizable Customizable Customizable

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Product List
DH200-4 Unit
Host Machine Unit
Metal module piece
Special Screwdriver (used for disassembling the mo Piece
Power cord piece
User manual copy
Warranty card copy
Certificate of qualification copy