• ultrasonic homogenizer
  • YP-S500
  • Power 500W, crushing capacity 0.5-400ml
  • YP-S500
  • ultrasonic homogenizer
  • Power 500W, crushing capacity 0.5-400ml
Typical applications include nanotechnology (production of nano-particle materials and graphene dispersions), cell disruption, sample preparation, homogenization, ChIP analysis, emulsification, dispersion, and deagglomeration, as well as applications in sonochemistry processing.
Product Introduction
500W ultrasonic homogenizer can safely process various organic and inorganic materials, from 250 microliters to 400 milliliters*.
YP series ultrasonic products have typical applications including nanotechnology (production of nanoparticles and graphene dispersions), cell disruption, sample preparation, homogenization, ChIP analysis, emulsification, deagglomeration and disaggregation, as well as applications in sonochemical processing.

Product Features
● Energy and temperature setting point control
● Digital circuit + 7-inch widescreen (touch)
● Automatic frequency tuning accurate to 1Hz + real-time monitoring of sample temperature
● 99-hour working time setting
● Variable power output control adjustable from 1 to 99%
● Electric lift + jog setting
● Frequency automatic search accuracy ±1Hz and real-time display

Technical Specifications  
Model: YP-S500
Power: 500W
Power Range: 1% - 100%
Processing Volume: 0.5ml - 400ml
Digital Intelligent Ultrasonic Generator: Frequency Automatic Search
Resonant Frequency: Real-time Tracking and Display
Frequency Tracking Accuracy: 1Hz, Real-time Tracking and Display
Electric Lifting Soundproof Box: Electric Lifting and Lighting Device for the Workbench
Display: 7-inch TFT Color Screen
Frequency Range: 18kHz - 25kHz
Total Time Range: 00:00:01 - 999:99:99 (hours:minutes:seconds)
Output Time: 0.1 - 99.9 seconds
Gap Time: 0.1 - 99.9 seconds
Output Duty Cycle: 0.1% - 99.9%
物料过温保护: 1.温度设置:0-99℃
存储文档: 99组
随机变幅杆: Φ6
选配变幅杆: Φ2 / Φ3 / Φ10
保护报警: 超温、过流、过载、换能器异常等
电源: AC110/220V F50/60Hz
整机尺寸: 280*280*495
整机重量: 12.4KG
主机+换能器重量: 15.0kg
外包装尺寸: 534*295*435mm

Other Parameters  
Transducer Weight: 1680 g
Transducer Size: 256mm×76.5mm
Random Amplitude Rod Weight: 495 g
Random Amplitude Rod Size: 140mm×6mm
Amplitude Rod Material: Titanium Alloy Ti-6Al-4V

Probe Model Selection  
Model Cell Disruption Capacity
Φ2mm 150ul-5ml
Φ3mm 200ul-10ml
Φ6mm 10ml-150ml
Φ10mm 10ml-400ml
Product List
YP-S500 Unit
Host Machine Unit
Vibration System (Transducer Assembly) Set
Special Wrench (used for disassembling the amplitu Set
Special Thermostatic Circulating Reaction Cup Piece
Power cord piece
User manual copy
Warranty card copy
Certificate of qualification copy