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  • DH-14S
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  • Maximum disinfection outer diameter: Φ14, maximum temperature in the central zone: 825℃±50℃.
infrared rapid sterilizer DH-14S is an instrument that uses heating wire to heat ceramics and utilizes high-temperature thermal energy for disinfection.
Product Introduction
DH-14S infrared rapid sterilizer is an instrument that uses high-temperature thermal energy for disinfection by heating ceramics through heating wires. It is convenient to use, easy to operate, has no open flames, is not afraid of wind, and is safe to use. It can be widely used in microbiological experiments in environments such as biological safety cabinets, purification workbenches, next to fume hoods, and on mobile carts, and can replace alcohol lamps. It achieves one-time disinfection of inoculation loops, inoculation needles, scissors, forceps, and other tools.

Product Features
◆Uses full-touch screen control and rear projection display technology, easy to operate.
◆Completely replaces alcohol lamps, not affected by safety cabinets/anaerobic chambers, and convenient for sterilizing inoculating loops or needles.
◆The center temperature can reach above 850°C, which can ash microorganisms or bacterial strains.
◆Short sterilization time, 5-7 seconds can achieve sterilization effect.
◆Uses ceramic material to prevent contagious splashing and cross-contamination.
◆Equipped with high and low temperature levels for users to switch flexibly.
◆Equipped with high temperature flicker prompt function.

Technical Specifications  
Model: DH-14S
Product Number: PM100-S
Highest temperature in the central area: 825℃±50℃
Maximum sterilization outer diameter: Φ14
Total length of heating zone: 150 mm
Power supply power: 170 W
Heating temperature: High/Low temperature 400/825℃
Rising time: 5~10 min
Ambient temperature: 0~45℃
Applicable humidity: ≤85%
Dimensions: 185*92*200(H) mm
Total weight: 0.86 kg
Product List
DH-14S Unit
Host Machine Unit
Power cord piece
User manual copy
Warranty card copy
Certificate of qualification copy